Donald A. Pavelka, MD

Pavelka Fertility Consultantspavelka-photo2

Dr. Donald A. Pavelka is a reproductive endocrinologist, a gynecologist with specialty training in reproductive endocrinology and infertility.

Upon completion of his fellowship training, Dr. Pavelka opened the Minneapolis Reproductive Center, August 1, 1987.  This was the first private clinic in Minneapolis staffed by a reproductive endocrinologist and dedicated to comprehensive, individualized infertility management.

Following the closure of the Metropolitan Medical Center in 1991, Dr. Pavelka moved his practice to Fridley.  There he opened Pavelka Reproductive Associates in January, 1992.

In May 2012, Dr. Pavelka organized Pavelka Fertility Consultants and entered into a close alliance with Reproductive Medicine & Infertility Associates (RMIA).

At RMIA, Dr. Pavelka continues to offer comprehensive, individualized evaluation and management of infertility, now with the advantage of RMIA’s state of the art resources and facilities.

Dr. Pavelka’s association with RMIA offers infertility patients a continuum of infertility care, providing fertility services not usually offered in primary OB/GYN practices, but before IVF.  Dr. Pavelka’s focus of care is to secure pregnancy in fertility patients without necessitating an IVF procedure, but should a patient desire or require progression to IVF, the option is readily available.

Dr. Pavelka has special interest in:  ovulatory dysfunction, ovulation induction, Poly Cystic Ovarian (PCO) related infertility, and recurrent pregnancy loss.  He is also available to provide a thorough and frank review of a patient couple’s course to date and provide a second opinion.