Donor Egg Recipients


For women who, for any reason, cannot or should not use their own eggs, RMIA offers various Donor Egg Programs (see criteria). A couple of options are currently available:

  1. For over 30 years, the typical approach was to stimulate the ovaries of an Egg Donor in preparation for an egg retrieval, followed by In Vitro Fertilization of such eggs (with either partner’s sperm or donor sperm), and to synchronize the cycle of the intended mother (“recipient”) with that of the donor, so that her uterus would be receptive to the implantation of the resulting embryos. The success rate (deliveries per embryo transfer) is mostly determined by the age of the egg donor.
  2. In the last few years, egg freezing has become a realistic option, and “donor egg banking” now allows us to thaw such previously frozen donor eggs at the appropriate time, relative to the recipient’s cycle.

Fee for Service IVF Programs using Donor Egg

Donor Egg Warranty Programs