Discounts and Financing

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(Please note that discounts cannot be combined)

Military Members, Police Officers, and Firefighters
As a thank you to those who selflessly serve our country and communities, RMIA is proud to offer to the following discount options:

  • 20% discount for all active military members, including reserve, and full-time police officers and firefighters*
  • As a participant in ASRM’s “Serving our Veterans” program, we offer a 50% discount for those whom, while serving our country, have sustained injury rendering them unable to conceive.* In addition, the pharmaceutical company, Serono Laboratories, is offering a discounted medication program called “Compassionate Care.” Click here for program eligibility.

*Discounts apply to only the IVF portion of the treatment cycle.

School Teachers
RMIA appreciates teachers and we think they deserve extra credit! For current full-time teachers (K-12), there is a 20% discount on IVF services rendered at RMIA:

  • 20% off a fresh Regular IVF cycle (discount does not apply to medications and monitoring), OR
  • 20% off a Warranty or HOPE program (discount does not apply to medications and outside monitoring)

Loyalty Program
For previously successful IVF patients, RMIA offers the following discounts:

  • $400 discount on a fresh Regular IVF cycle
  • $1,000 discount on a Warranty program (discount applies to the refundable portion)

In addition to accepting all major credit cards, RMIA has established a relationship with Lending Club in an effort to provide patients affordable monthly payments for treatment. They specialize in financing elective medical procedures, sometimes offering more attractive interest rates opposed to most personal bank loans. Lending Club now offers financing for medications. For an overview of plans and pricing visit the Lending Club website.

Please call the business office for more details at 651.222.6050.