Frozen Eggs from Egg Bank

In addition to utilizing fresh donor eggs in a cycle, RMIA has the ability to use previously frozen eggs. The latter option may be the quickest way to move forward, as donors have already been screened, monitored, and have already had the egg retrieval. RMIA participates with Fairfax Egg Bank.

Some patients find this to be the most cost-effective option for a single cycle. Additionally, RMIA offers a warranty program for using frozen eggs purchased from Fairfax.

Must meet medical criteria and be < 51 years old at the time of Transfer
(Prices are subject to change without notice)

IVF Costs:

·    Egg Bank Fee $13,390/cycle
·    Egg Thaw $725
·    Egg Culture $800
·    Sperm Prep $260
·    Insemination $400
·    ICSI $1,100
·    Assisted Hatching $400
·    Extended Culture $300
·    Frozen Embryo Transfer $1,750
Amount due at time of Program Start $19,125

In addition to your IVF costs (Prices provided do not take insurance into account and are based on averages):

·    Embryo Cryopreservation (if available) $1,000
·    Prescreening $3,500
·    Monitoring ($800 retainer)** $700-$1,400/transfer
·    Mock Cycle ($800 retainer)** $700-$1,400
·    Medications $800/transfer
·    Embryo Storage (if needed) $60/month
·    Pregnancy Tests and Ultrasounds

**If monitoring is not a covered benefit, RMIA will collect a retainer prior to treatment. This amount will be reconciled upon completion of the cycle.

Printable PDF Price Sheet