Unknown Donor Egg

Patients may choose this option if interested in limited fertilization, or if PGD is needed. RMIA provides anonymous donors under the Fee for Service cost structure. The current waiting period for an RMIA donor is 3-6 months. Patient will receive all or most (up to 12) of the mature eggs produced by the donor.

Must meet medical criteria and be < 51 years old at the time of Transfer
(Prices are subject to change without notice)

IVF Costs:

·   IVF Base Price $7,700
·    Donor Prescreening $2,000
·    Donor Monitoring $1,500
·    Donor Medications $3,000
·    Donor Compensation $6,000
·    Donor User Fee $4,000
TOTAL $24,200

In addition to your IVF costs (Prices provided do not take insurance into account and are based on averages):

·    ICSI $1,100
·    Assisted Hatching $400
·    Extended Culture $300
·    Embryo Cryopreservation $1,000
·    Embryo Storage $60/month
·    Frozen Embryo Transfer (if needed) $3,200
·    Patient Prescreening $2,500-$3,500
·    Patient Monitoring ($800 retainer)** $700-$1,400/transfer
·    Patient Mock Cycle ($800 retainer)** $700-$1,400
·    Patient Medication $800-$1,000
·    Pregnancy Tests and Ultrasounds
·    Psychological Clearance (Off Site)

**If monitoring is not a covered benefit, RMIA will collect a retainer prior to treatment. This amount will be reconciled upon completion of the cycle.

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