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(Please note that discounts cannot be combined)

Military Members
As a thank you to those who selflessly serve our country, RMIA is proud to offer to the following discount options:

  • 20% discount for all military members, active or non-active*
  • As a participant in ASRM’s “Serving our Veterans” program, we offer a 50% discount for those whom, while serving our country, have sustained injury rendering them unable to conceive.* In addition, the pharmaceutical company, Serono Laboratories, is offering a discounted medication program called “Compassionate Care.” Click here for program eligibility.

*Discounts apply to only the IVF portion of the treatment cycle.

School Teachers
RMIA appreciates teachers and we think they deserve extra credit! For current full-time teachers (K-12), there is a 20% discount on IVF services rendered at RMIA:

  • 20% off a fresh Regular IVF cycle (discount does not apply to medications and monitoring), OR
  • 20% off a Warranty or HOPE program (discount does not apply to medications and outside monitoring)

Loyalty Program
For previously successful IVF patients, RMIA offers the following discounts:

  • $400 discount on a fresh Regular IVF cycle
  • $1,000 discount on a Warranty program (discount applies to the refundable portion)