Warranty Program Structure

Like most centers that offer In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), RMIA offers Fee for Service options. However, RMIA is best known for pioneering the Fertility Cost Warranty Program (FCWP), a novel concept in which the financial risk is shared with patients. The notion of offering potentially refundable fees was a revolutionary “First of its Kind” in our specialty and one upon which we continue to expand. 

The Fertility Cost Warranty Programs offer eligible patients up to 3 cycles of IVF, and a refundable portion is due back if the patient does not achieve a live birth. This allows patients the opportunity to pursue other options such as donor egg or adoption. While some clinics earn their fee at 24 weeks gestation, regardless of the outcome, RMIA only earns its fee upon a successful outcome, which is defined as the birth of a child.

What also differentiates RMIA from some other IVF centers that offer shared-risk programs is that RMIA’s warranty programs are managed “in-house,” rather than managed by a third party. This allows RMIA to set the program qualification criteria, and more importantly, allows patients to avoid the “middle-man” markup. As a result, RMIA’s warranty programs tend to be more competitively priced and also include more services (see warranty program costs).

RMIA offers a variety of warranty programs with different options, which allows patients the opportunity to customize the program to their liking. Examples of how the programs can be customized:

The same friendly RMIA Business Office staff will explain the differences in programs, and welcome any questions regarding program details and costs.