IVF Warranty Programs

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What is a Warranty Program?

Since IVF has a high cost, and success rates are not 100%, RMIA offers programs in which the financial risk is shared with patients. The Fertility Cost Warranty Programs (FCWP) offer eligible patients up to 3 cycles of IVF, and a refundable portion is due back if the patient does not achieve a live birth. These warranty programs are popular among our patients because they provide financial peace of mind, and allow the opportunity to pursue other options such as donor egg, or adoption, if unsuccessful.

How are RMIA’s Warranty Programs better?

Definition of Success
While some clinics earn their fee at 24 weeks gestation, regardless of the outcome, RMIA only earns its fee upon a successful outcome, which is defined as the birth of a child.

No 3rd Party
RMIA’s warranty programs are managed “in-house,” rather than managed by a third party. This allows RMIA to set the program qualification criteria, and also allows patients to avoid the middle-man” markup. As a result, RMIA’s warranty programs tend to be more competitively priced and include more services.

RMIA offers a variety of warranty programs with customizable options. Examples of how the programs can be customized:

Program Criteria/Rules/Structure

  • Warranty programs are based on the age of the female patient at the time of the consent signing (with egg retrieval expected to take place within 30 days), and must be completed within 1 year.
  • Program costs are fixed, and are locked in once the patient has committed to treatment, as long as the consent signing is scheduled within 60 days of when the prescreening orders were initially issued.Full program payments are collected prior to starting treatment.
  • Patients can opt out of the warranty program without penalty after each completed cycle, no questions asked.
  • Possible outcomes: Baby or Refund.

IVF Program Costs

Below are the program costs for the different age groups. Please note that all costs noted in these pages are for informational purposes only and may be changed at any time. Patients must meet all medical criteria in order to qualify for any of these programs.



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