Out of Town Patients

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RMIA has established relationships with hundreds of clinics across the nation to provide convenient testing and monitoring for our out of town patients. RMIA’s philosophy is to accept as much previous testing as possible without having to unnecessarily repeat such testing. However, if additional testing is needed, which a local clinic is unable to perform, RMIA can send out kits by mail to avoid a trip to the Twin Cities.

RMIA can help patients determine if their current clinic is capable of providing monitoring services. Although RMIA believes in continuity of care between the patient and her Ob/Gyn, RMIA can help locate a nearby clinic able to perform monitoring services for convenience. A list of the common monitoring services needed can be provided along with the corresponding CPT codes, so that patients are able to check monitoring costs with their local clinic.

*In rare situations, an out of town patient participating in a warranty program may be required to have a monitoring appointment performed at RMIA.