FCWP Unknown Donor Egg Programs

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Exclusive Program

This program allows the recipient to choose her donor and to receive all or most (up to 12) of the mature eggs produced by that donor. Although there is no guarantee, this option gives the recipient the highest probability of having multiple embryos. This may be important for patient’s that wish to have a second child with the same genetic makeup as the first.

Shared Programs
Under these programs, all or most (up to 12) of the mature eggs will be divided between two co-recipients. If <6 mature eggs are available, one of the two co-recipients will be canceled. The Choice Shared Program allows the recipient to choose her donor and gives the choice recipient precedence over the non-choice recipient, in case of cancelation.

RMIA is in the process of building its own egg bank in which case, a minimum of six previously cryopreserved mature eggs will be assigned in the Shared programs and 12 in the non-shared program.

RMIA’s programs are anonymous but the following characteristics of the donor will be communicated to the exclusive and choice shared patients: eye and hair color, blood type, ethnic background, education, hobbies. The prospective recipient has the option to accept or decline the donor.

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