IVF Sliding Scale

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Our sliding scale option falls under the Fee for Service IVF program and allows qualified couples up to three IVF cycles. If the first cycle is unsuccessful, the subsequent cycle(s) are offered at a reduced cost. Unlike our warranty programs, there is no refundable portion for unsuccessful cycles.

Program Details:

  • All cycles (3) must be completed within 12 months
  • Patients must meet the age guidelines and prescreening requirements for our IVF programs
  • RMIA retains the right to stop subsequent IVF cycles or the current IVF cycle if it is no longer in the patient’s best interest medically to continue
  • The reduced rate only pertains to the IVF cost (Retrieval, Fertilization, Anesthesia, and Fresh Transfer)

Cost Structure:
(Prices are subject to change without notice)

  • 1st IVF Cycle – $9,200
  • 2nd IVF Cycle – $5,490
  • 3rd IVF Cycle – $3,960

Other IVF options such as ICSI, assisted hatching, cryopreservation, and storage remain separately accounted for. Costs for these IVF options, as well as the testing, monitoring, and medications remain the same.

Additional details can be obtained by calling our Business Office at 651.222.6050.

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