IVF with Gestational Carrier

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IVF with a Gestational carrier is an option for women who are unable to carry their own pregnancy.  Using embryos resulting from fertilization of either the patient’s own eggs or donor eggs, the gestational carrier will carry the infant to term and release the infant to the intended parents upon delivery.

This process is very similar to IVF using donor eggs, except in this instance the patient is able to use her own eggs for fertilization and transfer to her gestational carrier.    The patient can expect to undergo a standard ovarian stimulation protocol and egg retrieval, while the  gestational carrier becomes the recipient.  The techniques used to synchronize cycles are identical to those of IVF using donor eggs.

RMIA does not provide gestational carriers.  Patients are responsible for obtaining their own carrier.  This is usually a close friend or family member, however there are agencies that provide this service as an alternative source to patients considering this course of treatment.

Patients must meet all medical criteria in order to qualify for this program.

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