Can Supplements Help Fertility? Why Vitamins Are Often Recommended For IVF

Can Supplements Help Fertility? Why Vitamins Are Often Recommended For IVF

How To Improve Your IVF Odds

After trying to get pregnant without success, some women try in vitro fertilization (IVF) to increase the chances of success. Many patients will do nearly anything during fertility treatment to ensure conception and a healthy pregnancy. Part of this process can include looking for supplements to boost fertility or ensure that the uterus is more conducive to implantation. Although each case is unique, healthcare providers often recommend the following supplements for patients undergoing fertility treatment.


Prenatal vitamins

Even for women attempting to conceive naturally, most doctors suggest taking prenatal vitamins long before pregnancy occurs. A daily prenatal is typically considered a good idea when a couple decides to try for a baby. These supplements are packed with essential nutrients that an embryo needs to grow properly without causing deficiencies in women. Per healthcare provider instructions, people should look for vitamins containing folic acid, iron, calcium and choline. As an added benefit for IVF patients, limited research suggests that taking these vitamins while trying to conceive can improve fertility.

The sunshine vitamin

Vitamin D can be absorbed via sunlight, obtained from the diet, or consumed as a daily supplement. Along with aiding in immunity and boosting the body’s ability to process calcium, vitamin D is critical for the health of a pregnant woman throughout gestation. Research suggests that many women have a deficiency in the nutrient. During pregnancy, low vitamin D levels have been linked with a higher risk of preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, preterm delivery, and even miscarriage. For IVF specifically, embryo quality tends to be higher in women who supplement the sunshine vitamin.

Fish oil for better sperm

Remember that IVF isn’t just about the woman. A third of all US infertility cases are attributed solely to problems with the man. Poor sperm quality is the leading cause of male infertility. Fish oil supplements are often recommended as a natural way to boost sperm health by improving semen volume and total sperm count. Likewise, preliminary research suggests that fish oil supplements can improve success rates for women undergoing fertility treatment.

Vitamins can help

Proper due diligence is important, while supplements can effectively round out dietary needs. Start the process by asking a fertility specialist what vitamins to incorporate into a daily routine. Also, get informed on any possible interactions with medications that might be prescribed during an IVF cycle. Finally, be smart when shopping for supplements. Look for reputable brands and be sure the ingredients are within the daily recommended allowance (RDA) guidelines.

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